Sengmany S.
This Tuesday after I work long hours my body was tired and so tight. So, I decided to try out at Jasmine Thai Massage & Spa. I try Swedish massage just to relax my body and my stress from working to hard last week. By using her soft hand and good pressure on my body. Jasmine had been helping me so much to release my muscles tight and my tiredness and stress. After my massage I feel amazing and I have more energy to work next day. I'm strongly recommended all of you to try out Jasmine Thai Massage & Spa. You feel amazing relaxing!
Judy L.
Jasmine had done amazing massage for me yesterday. She had helped me loosen my entire body tension so much. Especially, on my right shoulder and forearm using Thai massage techniques. I feel so much better afterwards because she use her feet to walk on my arms, elbow and her strong fingers pressure. Today, I feel so good, because the Thai straight she did for me it open up my body tension. Her massage not only loose up my muscles tension but also release my stress as well. More importantly, It's giving more energy. It's extremely help me big time because my job is physical work. Because working as professional massage therapist for many years. So, I'm highly recommended anyone should try Jasimine Thai Massage & Spa with Jasmine. You will feel amazing and releasing your stress level at the same time. I treat massages as body maintenance. It's important to maintain your car for them to running good. But, why not maintain your body to feel better and refresh your mind by massage and release your daily stress as well. Jasimine can help you release your tension and your stress and refresh your body and get back to work fresh.
Tukta Chaisri
I like this place so beautiful and privacy room. She is good Massage help my shoulder come back good feeling after pain so long ago. Thanks for treatment my body relaxation. I will come back again.
Chris Marx, Realtor
Such an amazing experience to have the privilege of the services at this business, it’s like stepping into Thailand, in everything that it has to offer in escaping to meditation, relaxation and comfort fir a brief time I highly recommend it, Jasmine is amazing. πŸ™βœŒπŸ» …
Thanyarat O.
Nice spa with outstanding massage professionals.Thai combination to cupping and do a great job at making you feel comfortable and relax.Jasmine is the best.
Dean K.
I have old injuries. Jasmine assessed them and has started woking on them. I been feeling great after only a few sessions. Jasmine is a great therapist. and her new place is clean and comfortabl.
Elizabeth S.
This place is amazing.I had a great massage.This place is so clean and very nice good for relaxing.I enjoyed very much.I highly recommended it.
Komin J.
Booking on their website was super easy, and the massage was amazing. Highly recommend!